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Statements from the Board of Trustees

June 12, 2020

Official press release (PDF format) attached below.
Rocklin, CA – (June 12, 2020) At the June 10, 2020, Board of Trustees Meeting, both Rocklin Unified school board members as well as the district’s superintendent made statements condemning racism in our community and in our schools. These statements have been summarized and can be viewed below.

RUSD Board of Trustees President Rick Miller’s Statement:
I think it is important to talk about what is going on with our country right now-- the death of George Floyd and the ramifications it has for our country. This event was hard to see, hard to live with and hard to comprehend.

We all collectively agree that this was a horrible moment, but it is also critically important to recognize that this was not a one-time occurrence. It is clear now, more than ever, that there is an issue with systematic racism throughout our country and throughout organizations.  And if we are being honest, it is not just about criminal justice, it’s about education too. 

We too run organizations that are systemically biased, that are not giving all kids what they need to succeed. We have a particular obligation-- in our roles as leaders-- to make sure we speak out. I am personally chagrined that I had not done enough with my voice as a white man to stand up and talk about the privilege I enjoy every day and to stand up more for racial equality.

In the past, we’ve talked about being data-oriented. Well our data in Rocklin clearly shows that structural racism is not producing for kids of color the outcomes they deserve. Until those outcomes change, our system is not where it needs to be and we as leaders have an obligation to talk about the role race plays in what we are not giving our kids. 
I appreciate the work of the district in equity-- we should be proud that we are doing it, but we have much more to do. If we truly stand for equity then we need to always stand for equity. In this regard, I agree with the public comment of our recent Whitney High graduate Rohan that we should have publicly spoken out earlier and more widely on the death of George Floyd.  Rohan is right, and I apologize.  We will do better.  The voices of our students particularly matter, and the voices of our students of color consistently tell us we have much more work to do. 

I’m committed to doubling down and making sure that Rocklin Unified as an as organization consistently stands up and says racism has no place in our community, in our state or in our country. That we will work to dismantle the systems which lead to inequitable outcomes. We will continue to fight every day to make sure we call out injustices so that we can ultimately ensure every child in Rocklin is given everything they need to succeed at the highest levels. 

RUSD Superintendent Roger Stock’s Statement: 
I recently sent out a letter to our families and staff last Thursday in it I addressed the tragic death
of George Floyd and the impact that it has on our students and families in RUSD and that in fact the racism that lead to it is an issue we need to grapple with in RUSD. As hate, discrimination, and racism will not be tolerated in our school district.

Since then I have watched the protests and dialogue in our nation, state, and local community. For example, a post by one of our high school football teams after their heartfelt conversations, or a video produced by a 10th-grade student that shared their reflections and wonderings. I have had students, parents, and colleagues reach out to me and as I talk with people I am encouraged by this and am reminded that just because many of us may not have experienced racism or discrimination in our lives it does not mean it has not and is not occurring for students, families and staff members in our community. We have an obligation to address these issues of racism and injustice if we fail to do this, it will continue to impact our kids, families, and colleagues. They will continue to suffer and they will never be freed of the anxiety of having to go to school and endure this, unfortunately, the results in achievement and wellness bear out the real impacts of failing to do so. Especially for our African-American students. George Floyd’s death shows us and RUSD knows that Black Lives Matter and that Black Lives Matter in RUSD.