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For questions or comments regarding the Strategic Planning process, please contact:
Hannah Anderson

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Rocklin USD, the cornerstone and leader of educational excellence, is to ensure each student becomes a well- rounded individual who thrives intellectually and develops unique strengths to pursue and achieve personal ambitions while contributing to a dynamic world through a school system distinguished by:

  • A culture of innovation, collaboration and high expectations
  • Inspired personal learning and growth
  • Respect and support for all those who serve our students
  • Vital partnerships throughout our community.


We Believe that:
  • Every individual deserves opportunities to achieve his or her unique potential
  • Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Kindness and compassion are critical to positive relationships
  • Physical and emotional safety is imperative to learning
  • People have the freedom to make choices and the responsibility for those choices
  • Conduct and interactions are best guided by truth, honesty and integrity
  • Commitment to personal growth is vital for continuous success 
  • Discovering one’s purpose and passion ignites personal growth
  • Balance is essential to well-being
  • Persistent optimism fosters open-minded attitudes and solutions
  • Quality relies on the ongoing pursuit of excellence
  • Cooperative community efforts create a higher quality of life
  • Success is the only option.


A.  Each student will engage in authentic learning experiences
B.  Each student will demonstrate continuous progress toward increasingly challenging academic goals
C.  Each student will find his or her passion as a learner
D. Each student will acquire skills to conquer challenges and build healthy relationships
E.  Each student will learn the value of contributing to community through active participation
Strategies and Result Statements

Strategies and Result Statements

1. We will facilitate learning experiences that ignite passion, develop enduring skills, and feature relevance, choice, and purpose for each student.


Student learning, with a foundation of literacy and numeracy, will result in the acquisition of enduring skills (collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and global awareness) to ensure post-graduate success.


Student learning experiences at all levels, supported by meaningful professional development, will include instruction that allows for student choice, technology integration, and digital literacy.


At every level, students will create purposeful products and projects that demonstrate their learning with opportunities to reflect, receive feedback, and revise.


Rethink use of learning spaces and structures to ensure relevant learning opportunities for all students.

2. We will provide a system of academic and social-emotional supports in a culture of acceptance for all students to be respectful, self-aware, resilient, and high functioning individuals.


Promote a culture of wellness with open dialogue that supports the mental and social-emotional health of students and staff.


Create the systemic use of data across all domains (academic, behavioral, and social-emotional) to inform and drive instruction and interventions.


Establish an inclusive culture where diversity and individual differences are valued and celebrated.


Fully implement the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) model in the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional domains.


Leverage resources to create more opportunities for personalized and differentiated learning, both at school and beyond the classroom.

3. We will focus as well as amplify individual and system capacity to promote organizational transformation.


Engage all students, parents, and staff in the process of promoting organizational transformation.


Create opportunities to develop leadership skills for all students and staff.


Enhance and communicate our coherence between site and district priorities, thereby empowering individual and systemic transformation.


Engage every staff member in meaningful professional learning that results in improved student outcomes.

4. We will ensure vital engagement between schools and their stakeholders, including families, community, higher education, and media to support student success.


Develop and strengthen relationships with local institutions of higher learning in order to encourage a college-going culture and contribute to regional workforce development.


Support stakeholder engagement via active internal and external communications.


Consistently promote positive RUSD elements and partnerships.


Create and provide access to tutorials and competencies on tools available for staff, families, and students.



  • We will base decisions on what is best  for students
  • We will act with honesty, truth and integrity 
  • We will treat all people with dignity and respect 
  • We will not compromise our commitment to excellence in education
  • We will improve or eliminate ineffective programs or performance
  • We will not give up on any student