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Job Descriptions




Accountant Library Aide 
Administrative Assistant I LIbrary Clerk 
Administrative Assistant I - Educational Services LibraryTechnician
Administrative Assistant II Licensed Vocational Nurse
Administrative Assistant II - Special Education Licensed Vocational Nurse / Instructional Assistant
Behavior Analyst
Bus Driver Mechanic Assistant / Utility Driver 
Career Technician Mechanic, Grounds
Car/Van Driver  Mechanic, Senior
Certificated Personnel Analyst Mental Health Specialist 
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Nutrition Services Assistant
Clerk, Attendance Nutrition Services Delivery Driver / Warehouse Worker
Clerk, Counseling Nutrition Services Operations Manager
Clerk, District Office Receptionist Nutrition Services Worker I
Clerk, Educational Services Nutrition Services Worker II
Clerk, Human Resources Nutrition-Services-Worker-III
Clerk, School Occupational Therapist
College and Career Services Specialist Personnel Analyst
Computer Support Technician TK-8
Physical Therapist
Computer Maintenance Technician
Custodial Supervisor
Routing Technician / Utility Bus Driver
Custodian, Day
School Bookkeeper
Secretary, Assistant Principal's
Custodian, Night
Secretary, Counseling
Custodian, High School Lead I
Secretary, Department
Custodian, High School Lead II
Secretary, Principal's - Elementary & Alternative Education
Data, Assessment, & Evaluation Specialist
Secretary, Principal's - Intermediate & High School
Database Specialist
Special Education Aide I
Delivery Driver / Warehouse Worker
Special Education Aide II
Discipline Technician
Special Education Aide III
Energy Education Specialist
Speech Language Pathology Assistant
  Student Worker (HS) 
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Student Information Systems Specialist
Fiscal Analyst, Business Services Systems Engineer
Grounds Supervisor Technician I, Business Services
Groundskeeper I Technician I, Communications
Groundskeeper II Technician I, Human Resources
Groundskeeper III Technician II, Business Services
Health Aide Technician II, Human Resources
Help Desk Support Technician II, Payroll - Business Services
High School Student Worker  
Instructional Aide I, Elementary (TK-6) Technician II, Payroll / Benefits - Business Services
  Technician II, Purchasing
Instructional Aide I, Elementary PE Technology Services Assistant
Instructional Aide I, English Language Learner  Technology Support Specialist
Instructional Aide, Secondary (7-12) Transportation Supervisor / Trainer
  User Support Technician
Interpreter, Deaf and Hard of Hearing  Video / Theater Technician
Lead Computer Support Technician TK-8 Workability Program I Coordinator, Special Education 
  Workability Program I Job Developer / Job Coach - Special Education