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Incomplete Vaccine Record

Incomplete Vaccine Record

In limited circumstances, some children who have not received one or more required immunizations (shots) may attend child care or school while they catch up on these immunizations.  This is called a Conditional Admission.
Frequently Asked Questions about Conditional Admissions
What are examples of children who may attend school under conditional admission?
Children younger than 18 months who have met all the requirements for admission are required to receive additional vaccine doses as they become older (California Code of Regulations [CCR], ). These children may be conditionally admitted but must complete the remaining doses when they become due. The child care facility must notify the parent or guardian of the date by which the child must complete the remaining doses.
Children admitted with a temporary medical exemption from one or more immunization(s) as documented prior to admission by physicians (MD or DO) licensed in California. To attend child care or school, these children must receive all vaccines required for their age or grade except those listed in the exemption. The physician documentation must include the date the exemption expires. Once this exemption expires, the child may continue to attend only after the school or child care receives 1) documentation confirming that the child received the temporarily exempted vaccines OR 2) another medical exemption.
Children who have received some but not all required immunization doses and are NOT CURRENTLY DUE for any doses at the time of admission. These students should NOT be admitted until they receive all doses that are currently due because the period of time allowed before exclusion has passed (see “exclude if not given by” column in Tables C or D, ). If additional required doses are due later, the children may be admitted conditionally. The pre-kindergarten (child care) facility or school must notify the parent or guardian of the date by which the child must complete all the required immunizations in accordance with Table C or D, 17 CCR section 6035.
What if conditionally admitted children are exposed to diseases they have not been fully immunized against?
Any child who is not completely immunized against a particular communicable disease may be subject to exclusion if exposed to the disease or during an outbreak of the disease.

New Student Requirement

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If your child hasn’t received this immunization yet, please schedule an appointment immediately with your regular doctor.  
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