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7th Grade Requirement

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, continues to threaten students in California. To help stop its spread, all incoming 7th graders are required by law to have proof of a whooping cough booster (Tdap) shot, or file an exemption, in order to attend classes this year. Students will not be allowed to attend classes without a shot record.
Please submit an immunization record for your students who will be entering the 7th grade next year. The immunization needs to have been given on or after your child’s 7th birthday. If your child hasn’t received this immunization yet, please schedule an appointment immediately with your regular doctor.  
Vaccine may also be available at:
Chapa De                                                           Monday-Friday
11670 Atwood Rd                                               Call for hours
Auburn, California                                               530-887-2810
They take Medical

If your child, who will be entering the 7th grade next Fall, and has already received the immunization, please turn a copy of the record to your school by the end of their 6th grade school year.
You can also scan it in and email it to:
For more information please go to

If you need assistance finding healthcare please visit or contact the Health Aide at your school.