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What is SELPA?

All of the school districts in Placer County belong to the SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) organization. As required by law, districts join together to provide services to meet the special education needs of all children living within the area. Because some programs and services are very specialized, it makes sense to plan together as a group.


The SELPA has an important role in distributing special education funding to districts and in providing training to special educators. The SELPA employs Program Specialists who are available to assist parents and staff with information, referral and support in navigating the special education process. The SELPA Program Specialists assigned to the Rocklin Unified School District are Kristi Gregersen (PreK through 7th grade) and Laura Blackburn (8th grade through Transition).


The SELPA also has a parent advisory group composed of a representative from each district. This group, the Special Education Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meets monthly during the school year regarding issues that affect students and families.