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Technology Standards

Rocklin Unified School District's Technology Services Department strives to provide teachers and students with a seamless technology experience in their classroom.  To ensure all students and teachers have equitable access to the technology they need, Technology Services supports the follwoing Classroom Technology Standards:
All Classrooms:
Every classroom at Rocklin Unified is equipped with the following technology resources:
  • 24" USB-C Hub Monitor
  • Wireless LCD Projectors
  • Aver Document Cameras
  • Teacher 2 in 1 Touchscreen laptops (active stylus' on request)
TK through 1st Grade Classrooms:
  • One (1) 10.2" 10th Gen iPad for every two (2) students
2nd through 6th Grade Classrooms:
  • 1:1 Chromebooks in classroom carts
7-12 Classrooms:
  • Rocklin Unified (BYOD here)