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Technology Use Agreements & Policies

 Student Acceptable Use Agreement
Student Technology Loan Agreement
Student Use of Technology
Student Chromebook Protection Plan
Conduct - Cyberbullying, Mobile Devices
Student Information
Student Google Drive and Email Data Retention
Google Drive and Email files are Permitted Pupil Records. Title 5 defines “Permitted Pupil Records” as “those records having clear importance only to the current educational process of the student.” (5 C.C.R. § 430(d)(3).) The definition encompasses what students retain on their accounts, given its relation to their “current educational process.” Section 437(d) states, “Permitted pupil records may be destroyed when their usefulness ceases. They may be destroyed after six months following the pupil’s completion of or withdrawal from the educational program.”
Rocklin Unified's Policy
Student accounts will be suspended on October 1st after graduation.
Student storage data will be retained in a suspended state for one year after that date. 
Accounts and associated Google Drive and Email data will be deleted one year after the October 1 date
example: (June 2020 graduation = deletion October 1 2021)
Student accounts that are suspended for any reason, i.e. leaving the district, will be deleted with the according graduation class, even if they never return.

Staff Acceptable Use Agreement
Staff Use of Technology
District and School Web Sites
District Social Media
Rocklin Unified utilizes two seperate services to manage our Student Data Privacy Agreements -  The Student Data Privacy Consortium and CITE's Student Data Privacy Service.
  • To view all Rocklin Unified School District Student Data Privacy Agreements with the Student Data Privacy Consortium, please go to the Student Data Privacy Alliance page for RUSD.
  • CITE's Student Data Privacy Services Agreements are embedded below.
California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) - Opt Out/In Information
Rocklin Unified School Districts CITE Privacy Services Agreements

Rocklin Unified School Districts CITE Privacy Services Agreements