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ECF Program FAQ

Rocklin Unified is excited to continue our participation in the Emergency Connectivity Fund program.  The ECF program is a tool to help districts identify students who need a device at home and reimburse the district for those costs.  We have already been awarded devices and still have more to award.  Unfortunately Rocklin Unified did not recieve additional ongoing funding for HotSpots and is unable to provide them for families at this time.
If you have already applied for the ECF program earlier in the year and have received an email confirmation that you have been awarded, there is no need to apply again unless your circumstances have changed, simply complete the ECF Application to received yours today.
Families may qualify for this program regardless of their income.  Students' and families' eligibility is based upon their need to have a device at home for school work and their level of access to the Internet.
This means if you checked out a device from your student's school this year or last year, or if you would need to check one out if your student had to leave school for any reason, you would likely qualify for this program.
If you meet any of the below criteria you may qualify for this program:
  • Have you checked out a Chromebook for your student(s) during the COVID pandemic?
  • Do you have a Chromebook at home for each student in your household?
  • If you have a 7-12th grade student, do you have a Chromebook for them to bring to school?
  • Your student would need to check out a Chromebook to have a device at home?
  • Does each student in your home have a Chromebook to do homework with?
  • You currently do not have sufficient Internet at your home when all students are online doing homework
Verifying your eligibility is easy.  Simply complete the form above and we will let you know if you qualify.
 Russian and Spanish versions of the ECF Contract Packet have been linked on the buttons at the top of the page.  These are viewable only.  The English Version of the form needs to be signed by parents/guardians.

ECF Program Frequently Asked Questions for Families:

My student checked out a device from their school this year.  Do I still need to complete the form?
YES.  The device your student checked out is likely an older temporary device. 
These Chromebooks are intended to replace those with a newer model to last through 2028.
If you DID check out a device this year, please take a moment to complete the form at the bottom of the page.  You will more than likely qualify for a new device.
Do I need to check the Chromebook back in every summer?
NO.  These Chromebooks will be for your student to use until 2029 or until your student leaves Rocklin Unified.  We may ask to periodically check the device to make sure updates are up to date and it is functioning correctly.
What is considered 'Adequate Internet Access' at my home?
Each school district that applies is expected to determine what 'Adequate Internet Access' means for their students. Rocklin Unified School has determined that Adequate Access is defined as a minimum of 12 Mbps (Megabyte per second) download speed and 3 Mbps for upload speeds.  These are the recommended speeds based on the FCC's Household Broadband Guide and can be accomplished with most medium service broadband plans or by providing a single mobile hotspot for up to seven (7) students who are connected within the Rocklin Unified School District boundaries.  The limit for Hotspots is ten (10) connected users at one time.
I live in a rural area outside of the Rocklin School District Boundaries, Can I get support for my Internet?
Rocklin Unified utilizes T-Mobile's network for our mobile hotspot program.  If your family lives outside of the Rocklin Unified School District boundaries and does not have coverage of T-Mobile cell services, you will not be covered by our district's application to the ECF program.  You may be covered under the Emergency Broadband Benefit program linked on this page.
What type of support for the Internet can I expect if awarded?
If families or students are qualified under the ECF program, each student who qualifies would be eligible for a district Chromebook and one (1) hotspot for every seven (7) students within the household.  
What is covered by the ECF program?
The ECF program will reimburse the district the cost of a district chosen device up to $400, the hardware cost for a hotspot up to $250, and the monthly service fee for the hotspot.
Will my student OWN the device or hotspot?
NO.  The school district still owns the device(s) and will be required to track, collect, and verify each device.
I have applied for the program, when can I expect a device or HotSpot
  • RUSD was awarded during the first round of awards on September 17, 2021 
  • Those items have been ordered and are expected to be available to qualified families around the end of November.
  • We will continue to offer these to families as we work to determine the eligibility of those families who have applied.

Feel free to contact Technology Services if you have other questions not answered here.  916-672-3600