Rocklin Unified School District

Some students may need to take medication prescribed by a physician during the school day in order to be able to attend school and/or participate in the educational program. 
With written permission from both the student's physician and the parent or guardian medications can be administered by:
  • a parent/guardian or their designee (this can not be a school employee)
  • the student
  • the student with assistance from a trained school employee
  • licensed school employees
You can print out forms to take to your physician
For students with Asthma please click here
For students with Diabetes please click here
For students who need Allergy Medications or Epi-Pens please click here
For students who need all other Medications on campus please click here
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Administration by a parent or guardian
If a parent/guardian chooses, he/she may administer the medication to his/her child at school or by written request he/she may designate another individual who is not a school employee to do so on his/her behalf.

Administration by the student

Upon written request by the parent/guardian and with the approval of the student's physician, a student with a medical condition that requires frequent treatment, monitoring, or testing may be allowed to self-administer, self-monitor, and/or self-test. The student shall observe universal precautions in the handling of blood and other bodily fluids.

Administration of Medication by School Personnel

Unlicensed Personnel
Unlicensed personnel, such as health aides, instructional aides, front office staff, and teachers, may assist students with medications.  This is done by properly storing the medications at school, and ensuring the five rights of medication administration (right student, right medication, right time, right dose, right route and that the medication is not expired). They may hand the medication to the student to administer to themselves and correct the the student if they are handling the medication incorrectly. 
Unlicensed designated school personnel are authorized by law to administer epinephrine auto-injectors, glucagon, and FDA approved breakthrough seizure medication. If they are:
  • trained according to the law by a school nurse, or physician
  • supervised by a school nurse, or physician 
  • provided emergency communication access to a school nurse or physician
Licensed Personnel
Prescribed medication may be administered by the school nurse or other designated school personnel* only when the school has received written permission from both the student's physician and the parent or guardian. (Education Code 49423; 5 CCR 600)

*Designated school personnel - Other school employees with an appropriate medical license, such as an LVN, may administer an medications to a student.
As each of our licensed personnel are assigned to 4 or more campuses, this service is reserved for students requiring injections and special accommodations.