Rocklin Unified School District

CDC Treatment Recommendations

Rocklin Unified Administrative Regulation 5141.33

School employees shall report all suspected cases of head lice to the school nurse or designee as soon as possible. The nurse or designee shall examine the student and any siblings of affected students or members of the same household. If nits or lice are found, the student shall be excluded and parents/guardians informed about recommended treatment procedures, ways to check the hair, and sources of further information.

The principal shall send home the notification required by law for excluded students. (Education Code 48213)

If there are one or more students affected in any one classroom, all students in the class shall be examined and information about head lice shall be sent home to all parents/guardians in the class. The class may be re-examined in 10 days if indicated.

Excluded students may return to school when they bring a note from the parent/guardian indicating the treatment used and when reexamination by the nurse or designee shows that all pests and nits have been removed.

The following procedures are to be followed when a student has been found to have head lice:

1. Parents are to be immediately contacted and the student excluded from school in order to receive proper treatment.

Information shall be made available to the parents, including recommendations for treatment with an anti-lice shampoo for the student infested, and the procedures to be followed to eliminate head lice in the home.

2. Upon readmittance of the student to school, the parent shall verify that the student received the necessary treatment and acknowledges that a second treatment is necessary within an 8-10-day period. No child exhibiting nits upon examination by a staff member shall be readmitted. No child will be readmitted without an examination of their hair.

4. If the student is again identified having head lice, the student shall again be excluded. Prior to readmission, the school nurse may schedule a home visit to discuss the procedures to be followed by the parents to eradicate the head lice problem in the home and to verify that the appropriate shampoo treatment has been administered to the student infested.

Any student with 10 days of absences will be brought to the principal's attention for reporting with the appropriate county agency.

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Head lice are small insects that live in people's hair and feed on their blood. Lice glue their eggs, or "nits," to hair so that the nits do not get brushed off. Lice die quickly (within two days) without feeding so they cannot live very long away from your child's head. Nits take six to nine days to hatch, and seven or more days for the lice to become egg-laying adults.
How do people get head lice?
Children can give head lice to other children when they share combs, hats, clothing, barrettes, helmets, scarves, headphones, bedding, car seats, furniture their hair touches and other personal items. Head lice are a problem in homes, day care centers, elementary, and preschools. Kids are much more likely to get lice from family members and playmates than from classmates at school.