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How to use an Epi-Pen

How to use an Epi-Pen iconHow to use an Epi-Pentitle

There is more than one type of Epi-Pen:

There is more than one type of Epi-Pen: iconThere is more than one type of Epi-Pen:title

AUVI-Q talking Epinephrine Auto-Injector

Whether you're a kid or an adult, a patient or a caregiver, you want an epinephrine auto‑injector that is easy to use. I talk you through the injection process step by step. Watch my demo video or play with a virtual Auvi‑Q to see how easy I am to use.

Watch AUVI-Q Demo Video

See people from different walks of life use Auvi‑Q by listening to my simple voice instructions.

Play the Video
Play The Video.

Check Out AUVI-Q Features

If you haven't seen Auvi‑Q, the virtual one can show you how I talk, light up, and go to work.

Launch the Virtual Auvi-Q
Launch The Virtual Auvi–Q.

Get AUVI-Q Mobile App

Click the link below to download the Auvi‑Q Companion App and turn your phone into an Auvi‑Q trainer simulator. It also has a shareable allergy profile and an emergency text to preset contacts.

Download the App
Mobile App