Rocklin Unified School District

Who was appointed to the Rocklin Unified School District Board of Trustees?
On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the Board of Trustees provisionally appointed Rachelle Price by a unanimous vote to fill the Board vacancy.
What happens after a provisional appointment is made to the Board of Trustees?
The District must notify voters in RUSD of the provisional appointment and their right to nullify the Board's decision by petitioning to fill the vacancy by special election. The district notified voters of this opportunity by posting an official notice at all schools, on the RUSD website, and in the Placer Herald. Voters would have 30 days to file a petition with the Placer County Superintendent of Schools.
How can someone petition a provisional appointment to the Board of Trustees?
To successfully petition for a special election, 1.5% of the registered voters at the last election of the Board (which took place in November 2018) must sign the filed petition.
What is the cost of a special election to fill the vacant Trustee seat?
According to Ryan Ronco, Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters, the estimated cost to Rocklin Unified to hold a special election would be in the range of $234,000 - $400,000 depending on when the election is held. For example, if a special election were held in conjunction with the March 2020 primary election, the estimated cost to Rocklin Unified would be $234,000.
How is a special election funded?
The funds to cover the cost of a special election come out of the District's unrestricted general fund, which is generally used for employee compensation, school budgets and other costs to operate the district. 
What happens to the appointed Trustee if a special election is called?
Their appointment is nullified.  The RUSD Board of Trustees would operate with a vacancy until the special election is held. The earliest a special election could be held is March 2020. Until then, the RUSD Board would govern with only four Trustees.
If a special election is not petitioned and held, when would the provisionally appointed Trustee's seat be up for election?
The provisionally appointed Trustee's seat would be on the next regularly scheduled RUSD election in November 2020. During the regular election, the seat will be filled for the remaining two years of this term (ending in November 2022).