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Family Engagement

What is Family Involvement?

What is Family Involvement?

Family involvement promotes and supports the social, physical, academic and occupational growth of students. It’s communicating and doing things with your students, their teachers and their schools to support your students’ learning and success.

What you can do at home:
•    Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children
•    Encourage your child to be responsible and work independently
•    Talk with your child about homework and offer help if needed
•    Help your child to prepare for tests
•    Talk with your students about future goals such as college and careers
•    Read all announcements, newsletters and notes from the school
•    Call school if you have any questions about your child’s education
•    Monitor your child’s television, internet use and video game time
•    Encourage your child to read
•    Put specific times on your calendar each week when you will spend quality time with your children

What you can do in the classroom:
•    Assist in a classroom activity on a regular basis
•    Discuss your child’s progress with teachers
•    Visit your student’s classroom and see what they are doing
•    Attend your student’s parent-teacher conferences
•    Be a driver or chaperone for field trips

What you can do at the school:
•    Talk with the principal about your student
•    Attend parent orientation or “Back-to-School Night”
•    Ask principal how you can get involved at the school
•    Attend parent education and information events
•    Help with improvement projects
•    Participate in parent committees
•    Assist in writing and reviewing the parent involvement plans

What you can do at the district office:
•    Attend meeting on the curriculum and school budgets
•    Participate in advisory committee meetings
•    Link the district with other community organizations that support education
•    Get involved in planning, designing, and providing training for principals and teachers
•    Provide input on important decisions and spending
•    Assist in planning and designing parent involvement policy and plans
Talking & Listening Together
Family conversations are vital to helping children become successful adults. They help families connect, reinforce positive values and provide support if needed. Positive and productive conversations build children's self-esteem and give them the tools to succeed in life.
These questions will help you launch family conversations.
  • Place the cards in a stack
  • Take the top card and answer the question
  • After answering, you may choose another person to also answer that same question
  • Then the next person takes the top card and does the same until all cards have been taken