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RUSD School Start Times Will Remain the Same

RUSD School Start Times Will Remain the Sametitle

RUSD Family: On behalf of  the Rocklin Unified School District, we would like to thank you if you provided input and feedback for the proposed later start times for RUSD High Schools and Middle Schools. We received positive feedback regarding the attention paid to making sure we received opinions from our students, families, staff and our community at large. This process was led by our Board of Trustees to ensure all affected RUSD stakeholders had a voice in the outcome.
At the Board of Trustees Meeting on March 15th, after careful consideration of the tremendous amount of information and input we received during the past several months, our Trustees decided to not move forward with a 30 minute later start time at our high schools and middle schools. Again, we appreciate your support. Our Trustees weighed all the input and felt this decision was in the best interest of RUSD at this time.   
Thank you for being part of the RUSD Family.

Report Card Update Video for Parents

Report Card Update Video for Parentstitle

Check out our new video designed to help parents understand RUSD’s transition to a standards-based report card. This helpful video will prepare you to have a more meaningful conversation with your student and your child’s teacher around progress in meeting grade level academic standards, areas of strength and ways to support your child.
California School Dashboard

California School Dashboardtitle

Everything you Need to Know about the California School Dashboard:
Family involvement is important in helping students succeed in school and in building a sense of pride in the school community. Rocklin Unified School District is committed to building strong partnerships among home, school, and community to support student success.
All our teachers and district staff are committed to helping parents and guardians understand what their children should be learning, how to advocate for their children, how to access resources and support, and how to effectively participate in school life.