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IEP Meeting Guidelines

Ground Rules

Ground Rules

  • Our goal is to promote the student's success.    
  • We will start and end the meeting on time.
  • We will follow the meeting agenda.
  • Time will be allocated to fully discuss the accommodations and supports the student requires.
  • We will participate by sharing our views, asking and welcoming questions.
  • One person will speak at a time. No side-talk.
Sample IEP Meeting Agenda

Sample IEP Meeting Agenda

Start Up
Welcome and explanation of process and roles
Outcomes and agenda overview
Explanation of parent and child rights
Meeting guidelines
Present Level of Performance
What is it that the student knows, understands, and is able to do now?
Assessment information
Review of progress on last year's goals and objectives
Strengths and needs
Establish Goals and Objectives
What is it that we want the student to know, understand, and be able to do a year from now?
Determine Appropriate Program Placement
  • In what placement, in the least restrictive environment, can these goals and objectives be implemented appropriately?
  • What supplemental aids and services are needed to support the placement?
Action plan for follow-up activities
Confirm agreements, including signatures
Meeting evaluation/team comments