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The Rocklin Unified School District provides Resource Specialist Program (RSP) services at all secondary schools. The Resource Specialist Program provides specialized instruction and supports to students focused on their IEP goals. The Resource Specialist is a credentialed special education teacher.

Special Day Class services are provided at Granite Oaks Middle School, Spring View Middle School, Rocklin High School and Whitney High School, and serve students who require specialized instruction and supports. The Special Day Class teacher holds a special education credential. These programs include:


Middle Schools:

  • Granite Oaks Middle School (Non-categorical, Structured Teaching Program and TASEL)
  • Spring View Middle School (Non-categorical and focus on functional academic skills)

High Schools:

  • Rocklin High School (Non-categorical, Structured Teaching Program and focus on independent living skills)
  • Whitney High School (Non-categorical, Structured Teaching Program, focus on independent living skills, and social emotional skills)

Transition from High School

Based upon each individual student's needs, a transition IEP will be initiated in the year of a student's 16th birthday. The IEP will address identified areas of need based on each individual student. The focus of the transition IEP is to assist students in developing skills and identifying areas of interest for the next phase of life. Additionally, appropriate referrals will be made to agencies and/or programs to support student's movement from high school. The services/supports and referrals may vary based on each individual student's needs. They may include college or university admission, vocational rehabilitation, Alta Regional Center, 18-22 year old Transition Program, PRIDE, Sierra College Disabled Student Services, various apprentice programs and other programs as appropriate.


18-22 Transition Program

The district offers a specialized program to assist young adults with developmental disabilities to prepare for life in the community. Social, communication, wellness, vocational and self advocacy are components of this program.