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Employee Leaves

Welcome to the Rocklin Unified School District Leaves Page

Welcome to the Rocklin Unified School District Leaves Page

The intent of this page is provide the most up-to-date information regarding Leaves for employees.
Leaves from work have become more complex due to the numerous and ever changing laws from both the State and Federal level.  In addition to the laws, contractual obligations may also exist which specify specific leave requirements.  
Any time you feel you may need an extended leave from work, please contact your immediate supervisor (Department Head or Principal).  They can assist you in contacting the Human Resources Department.  
Items that are helpful when potentially going out on leave
Workers Compensation Information

Workers Compensation Information

Disability Information 
The Standard (RTPA members) - 1-800-522-0406
Family Care LEave 

Family Care LEave 

Family care is an emerging issue.  Currently, if you are needed to serve as a caregiver for someone other than your own child, there are limitations on the type of paid leave that can be utilized.  Employees who qualify for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) are entitled to 12 weeks of job protected, benefits protected unpaid leave.  
Often employees will want to use sick leave.  However, sick leave is for an employee's own current illness or to take a child to an appointment.  General sick leave cannot be utilized for caring for a spouse, or extended family.  The available leaves for caregiveing are:
"Kin Care" or 50% of an employee's sick leave for the current year - often 5 days
 Personal Necessity - if the employee has enough accumulated - max of 7 days 
In some instances, an employee may be able to request catastrophic leave, if the person they are caring for fits the contractual definintion.  Additionally, the employee must be a member of the Catastrophic Leave Bank.  
Employees serving as a caregiver are not eligible for extended sick leave.  
Classified employees pay into State Disability which provides a benefit for caregiving under the Paid Family Leave program.