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Oral Health

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Oral Health Assessment

Oral Health Assessment

Per Education Code 49452.8 all students shall present proof of having received an oral health assessment by a licensed dentist, or other licensed or registered dental health professional operating within his or her scope of practice, that was performed no earlier than 12 months prior to the date of the initial enrollment of the pupil.


Rocklin USD may provide dental screening by a licensed dental professional to students in kindergarten, second, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and/or during their initial year of enrollment. This screening will fulfill the legal requirement. The results will be kept on file at school and sent home. Dental screenings only find obvious dental problems and serve to identify students who need further examination and dental treatment.  There will be no x-rays will be taken. The screening does not take the place of a thorough dental examination. Parents/guardians will need to secure the services of a dentist in order for their student to receive a complete dental examination necessary to establish and maintain oral health. Receiving this dental screening does not establish any new, ongoing or continuing dental professional-patient relationship. The parent or legal guardian may exclude the student from the dental screening by providing Rocklin USD a written and signed note stating they do not consent to an assessment.  



The parent or legal guardian may excuse the student from complying with the oral health assessment requirement by filling out Section 3: Waiver of Oral Health Assessment Requirement on the California Department of Education Oral Health Assessment form certifying that the oral health assessment could not be completed because of one or more of the reasons provided.

The form is located here: