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November 29, 2019
Today is our last day of highlighting RUSD staff members who are also district alumni, and we’d like to close out this campaign by saying thank you to Courtney Zick! Courtney is a Special Education Aide at Spring View Middle School and graduate of Rocklin High School’s class of 2017! Fun Fact: Her mother is also an RUSD employee! Thank you, Courtney, and thank you to all of our RUSD family for saying thank you with us this month!
thankful graphic for kelsy patterson
November 28, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving! On this special day, join us in saying thank you to Jaylyn Gregory-- a Speech Language Pathologist at Parker Whitney Elementary School! Jaylyn graduated from Rocklin High School in 2004. She grew up with the goal of returning to her hometown to give back to the community that shaped her and provided her with excellence in education. Jayln, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Our RUSD community is so proud to have outstanding professionals like you in our family!
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November 27, 2019
Today we’d like to thank Spring View Middle School art teacher, Cristina Kendrick! Cristina graduated from Whitney High School in 2009, where she found her future career. She shares that if it wasn’t for her art teachers in high school, she wouldn’t be an art teacher today. We are so glad that you have found a home in our RUSD family, Cristina!
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November 25, 2019
Kelly Brown is celebrating her 16th year as an RUSD employee! Today, she is a second-grade teacher at Ruhkala Elementary School and shares that she is happy to teach in such a great district. Kelly spent her years as a student at many RUSD school sites, including Parker Whitney and Rocklin Elementary School, as well as Spring View Middle School and Rocklin High! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing and for being apart of our RUSD family!
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November 22, 2019
Join us in saying thank you to Sunset Ranch TK and Kindergarten teacher, Sarah Stowers! She is a member of Rocklin High School’s class of 2003 and joined us as an RUSD staff member in 2011. Sarah says her favorite teacher was her sixth-grade teacher at Rocklin Elementary, Sarah James, because she helped every student be successful. We are thankful for you, Sarah!
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November 21, 2019
Say “hello” and “thank you” to Granite Oaks Middle School Music Teacher, Kevin Just! Kevin attended Breen Elementary, Granite Oaks Middle and Rocklin High Schools and recalls the countless memories he made through participating in music, as well as the countless staff members who made a positive impact on his life. Kevin wanted to thank RUSD for being the foundation of his education and career, but we want to thank Kevin for continuing the tradition of excellence in our district!
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November 20, 2019
Today, we’d like to say thank you to Torey Walter! Torey started as a teacher and athletic trainer at her alma mater-- Rocklin High School-- in August of this year. One of her favorite memories as a student was working as an athletic training student in 2009, which clearly helped to shape her career today. Thank you, Torey, for keeping our athletes safe and for sharing your story!
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November 18, 2019
Thank you, Jenny Armas for spending time with us at RUSD! Jenny graduated from Rocklin High School in 2005 and began working at Rocklin Unified more than eight years ago. She is currently a teacher at Whitney High School and thinks it is incredible that things have come full circle. Fun Fact: her favorite teacher was one of our previously highlighted staff members-- Ms. Kari Ustaszewski!
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November 15, 2019
Meghan Gibson, Rocklin High School graduate and current Special Education Instructional Aide says “Go Thunder!”. Just three years after she left RHS (in 2016) Meghan is back at Rocklin Unified to help students succeed. Thank you, Meghan, for coming back to RUSD to do what you love in the community you grew up in!
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November 14, 2019
Today, we’d like to thank Kari Ustaszewski, a PE and Social Science teacher at Whitney High School! Her Journey as an RUSD employee began in 2001 and she loves to share the history of Rocklin and Rocklin Unified with her students. Both of her parents also worked for RUSD, so as a student she always had one of her parents with her on campus. Thank you so much, Kari for giving back to RUSD!
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November 12, 2019
Join us in thanking Whitney High School Social Science teacher and head baseball coach, Jackson Watt! Jackson graduated from WHS in 2012, attended Spring View Middle School and Rocklin Elementary School! Jackson officially started his teaching career with RUSD this school year but has been coaching for the past few. Thank you, Jackson, for helping your students and players succeed!
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November 8, 2019
We’re closing up week-one of our thankful campaign by saying thank you to Halley Crandell, a dance teacher at Whitney High! She graduated from RHS in 2007 and started teaching at WHS in 2012, but started dancing her way into RUSD hearts long before that! At age five, she was a guest performer at the Rocklin High dance show. In high school, she was a student director of the dance program, was on the dance team and was part of ASB. Now she gets to pass her love of dance on to her students every day! Join us in thanking Halley for her dedication to helping Rocklin Unified thrive!
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November 7, 2019
Help us send a big “Thank you” to Travis Mougeotte, Whitney High School Social Science teacher, Rocklin High School graduate and current RTPA President! Mr. Mougeotte began working for the district in 2014 and says that his positive experiences as a student are the reason his family returned to Rocklin after having left the state for 10 years. He continues to help make the same positive impact on others and makes educational excellence happen each day!
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November 5, 2019
Join us in thanking Michael Chavez, who is a Teacher Aide for our RUSD 18-22 transition program! Mr. Chavez started working for Rocklin Unified in 2011 at Whitney High School and just recently started at the district office. As a student, he attended Breen ES, Spring View and Granite Oaks MS and graduated from RHS in 2005, where he was inducted into their Hall of Fame for swimming! Michael says that his favorite part of being an RUSD staff member is being able to make a difference in the special education world, one smile at a time. Thank you, Michael, for being apart of our RUSD family!
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November 4, 2019
Today, we’d like to say thank you to Jake Van Wagner! This is his second year teaching sixth-grade at Twin Oaks Elementary School in the Rocklin Unified School District. Jake attended RUSD schools throughout his education and graduated from Rocklin High in 2009. One of his favorite memories as an RUSD student was a gingerbread-man hunt he was apart of in kindergarten! Thank you for sharing, Jake, and thank you for all you do for Rocklin Unified!
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RUSD Highlights

Showcasing RUSD People and Programs!

Showcasing RUSD People and Programs!

June 2020: Recognizing Outstanding RUSD Staff Members from throughout the 2019-2020 School Year!

Join us in celebrating and congratulating the following RUSD employees.

RUSD's Retiree Class of 2020

Rocklin Unified employees who have retired during the 2019-2020 school year. Join us in thanking: 
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Retiree list of names

RUSD's Site Employees of the Year

  Rocklin Unified employees selected by their sites as employee of the year. Congratulations to:
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list of employees of the year site


Rocklin Unified staff members who were selected to represent RUSD in the Placer County Office of Education's Employee of the Year program. Congratulations to:
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Michelle DeMaria graphic
Alicia Hoover graphic
Caitlynn McMichael graphic
Cindy Wright graphic
Herbert Jiminez graphic
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Marilyn Brown graphic

November 2019: Thanking RUSD Alumni who are now Staff Members!

Excellence in education would not be possible without the efforts of our entire RUSD family, including staff members, teachers, students and their families! As part of a new campaign focusing on these extraordinary individuals, we will be highlighting the stories of those who leave a special mark on RUSD! It is because of our Rocklin Unified community that our district is thankful!
In November 2019, we will be highlighting (and thanking) the hard-working RUSD staff members who are a product of RUSD education as well! That's right-- our district is home to many caring individuals who graduated from Rocklin Unified and are now employed as staff members, teachers, coaches and instructional aides! Join us in thanking the outstanding staff members below who shared their stories with us!
Are you or someone you know also proud RUSD alumni? Do you have an extraordinary RUSD story to share? In the coming months, we will be opening the campaign to include ALL members of our Rocklin Unified community. Stay tuned for more information!
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November 28, 2019
Join us in thanking Sunset Ranch Elementary School teacher, Kelsy Patterson! Kelsy is currently a second-grade teacher and was a graduate of RHS’s class of 1997. She shares that one of her favorite memories was being in Mrs. Oxeham’s third-grade class at Rocklin ES-- it was the year she decided she wanted to be a teacher! Thank you for inspiring young minds and for sharing your story!
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November 27, 2019
Thank you, Whitney Lum, for being apart of Rocklin Unified! Whitney is a teacher at Whitney High School and graduated from Rocklin High School in 1998. One of her favorite moments as a staff member happened when a student honored her at Teacher Appreciation Night for supporting him-- even when he wasn’t in her class. We appreciate you too, Whitney! Thanks for sharing!
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November 26, 2019
Join us in saying thank you to Valley View Elementary School second-grade teacher, April Wagner, who started her teaching journey with RUSD in 1998! Both her son and daughter attend Rocklin High School and have grown up in RUSD as well. Fun Fact: April met her future husband in the sixth-grade in 1986! Thank you, April! 
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November 25, 2019
Thank you, Jenn David, for all that you do at RUSD! Jenn is currently an eighth-grade math teacher at Spring View Middle School. She graduated from RHS in 2000 and began working with the district only five years after. Jenn shared that one of her favorite memories as a student was working on history projects and re-enactments for one of her teachers, Mrs. Laura Douglas!
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November 22, 2019
Today we’d like to say a big thank you to Alicia Boyd, who is a Rocklin High School graduate and a Computer Maintenance Technician at RUSD! After working with the district for the last seven years, Alicia shared that one of her favorite moments as a staff member happened when she was a Computer Tech. at Sunset Ranch Elementary School and was able to help a student create some Valentine’s Day Cards. We are so thankful that Alicia cares so much about RUSD students and staff members!
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November 20, 2019
From Rocklin High School’s class of 2009, join us in thanking Amber Wise! Amber is currently a sixth-grade teacher at Breen Elementary School and began her employment with RUSD in 2015. She shares that so many teachers inspired her teaching career and made her education at Rocklin Unified memorable. Thank you for bringing that positivity to your classroom each day, Amber!
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November 19, 2019
Join us in thanking Krista Radmilovic, a second-grade teacher at Rock Creek Elementary School! Krista began working for the district in 2003 and graduated from Rocklin High School in 1998. She shares that one of her greatest accomplishments as a student was being part of the Academic Hall of Fame at RHS and being a valedictorian! She is grateful to have been teaching at the same school-- Rock Creek ES--  for 17 years and Krista, we are grateful for you!
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November 18, 2019
Let’s kick-off another week of being thankful for our staff members who are also RUSD alumni by saying thank you to Rachel Holm! Rachel is currently a PE teacher at Whitney High and was previously a teacher at Spring View Middle School. As a student, Rachel was involved in ASB, played water polo and was on the swim team at Rocklin High School. Now, she is loved and appreciated by her students at WHS! Thank you, Rachel!
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November 15, 2019
We are incredibly thankful for Janelle Iwan, a Resource Specialist Program Teacher at Breen Elementary School! Janelle is from Rocklin High School’s class of 2007. During her senior year, she was apart of an organization that allowed her to work in a second-grade class at Twin Oaks ES-- this is where she developed her love of working with students with learning disabilities! Thank you for sharing, Janelle! 
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November 13, 2019
Thank you, Jessica Kinsey! Jessica is a proud RUSD alumna who currently works as an accountant at the district office. She graduated from Rocklin High School in 2012 and attended Granite Oaks Middle School and RICA during her time as a student. Fun Fact: One of her favorite moments was when her 10th-grade teacher turned her classroom into a warzone to replicate trench warfare. Thanks for sharing, Jessica and thanks for working hard for our district!
thankful graphic jackson watt
November 12, 2019
As we continue to thank RUSD alumni who are now RUSD employees, join us in thanking Alexandria Goodrich, who is currently a Language Arts teacher at Whitney High School! This is Alexandria’s first year teaching in the district. When she transferred to WHS as a student, she recalls how welcoming her teachers were and how their kindness helped her succeed! The day she found out that she was being offered a full-time teaching position, she was substituting at Whitney High and was able to celebrate the achievement with her new co-workers! Thanks for sharing your story, Alexandria!
thankful graphic for Halley Crandell
November 8, 2019
Thank you, Jennifer Hampleman for all that you do for RUSD! Jennifer is a second and third-grade teacher at our Rocklin Independent Charter Academy. She graduated from Rocklin High School in 2000 and shared that she is honored to teach in the town she grew up in and learned in. We are honored to have such dedicated staff members like you, Jennifer, in our district!
thankful graphic for Travis Mougeotte
November 6, 2019
Thank you, Alicia Perkins, for all that you do at Rocklin Unified! Since 2013, Alicia has been working for RUSD, starting at Victory High School and then moving to Rocklin High in January 2015, where she is currently an ASB Bookkeeper. Her initial position with RUSD was as a Discipline Technician at Victory High School, which she describes as incredibly rewarding. Fun fact: Mrs. Perkins says that she never missed a single dance as a student at Rocklin High School!
thankful graphic for Michael Chavez
November 5, 2019
Say hello and “Thank you” to Mallory Ansley! She has been a Dance teacher at Whitney High School since 2016, but began substitute teaching within the district in 2014. During her senior year at Rocklin High School in 2010, she was able to be the student director for her dance class, and it was then she realized her love for teaching the art. Thank you, Mallory, for coming back to RUSD and for helping all of your dancers succeed!
Thankful graphic for Jake Van Wagner
November 1, 2019
As we kick-off our November “Thankful” campaign with RUSD alumni who are now staff, join us in thanking Adrienne Tacla! During her time as a student, she attended Rocklin Elementary, Spring View Middle and Rocklin High School. Now, Adrienne has been working at RUSD for 17 years, and currently works at her alma mater, Rocklin High School, as a Language Arts and ELD teacher. Fun fact: Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Douglas, who she now gets to work with at RHS! Thank you, Adrienne!


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