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Our Drivers

School bus drivers are an integral part of the safe transportation of school children. While the structure of the school bus provides excellent protection in the event of a crash, it is the skill and performance of the highly trained professional school bus driver that often prevents crashes.

School buses always are operated by drivers with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Drivers are subject to law enforcement background checks and drug and alcohol testing while maintaining safe driving records, completing annual training requirements, and adhering to stringent California Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Education and California Highway Patrol Regulations. The California school bus driver receives more mandated training than any school bus driver in the United States.
The Rocklin USD believes the bus environment is an extension of the classroom.  What our students experience on the school bus directly affects their educational day.  Therefore, communication and collaboration is essential between parents, drivers, students and teachers. Safety is our main goal. Supporting and guiding each child with care, empathy, enthusiasm and sincerity is part of our daily service to our students, district and community.