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Family Owned Chromebooks

Student Access to Chromebooks - at home & school

Student Access to Chromebooks - at home & school

Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) is committed to provide safeguards to protect student privacy, data, and personal information.  Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, all Middle and High School students were required to bring a Chromebook to school each day.   This program will continue this year.
Rocklin Unified STRONGLY encourages families to check out a district device for thier students.  District devices are supported and managed in a way that ensures students have the best access to classroom materials. 
With bad actors looking to gain access to and exploit user information and school networks, Rocklin Unified will be adding additional security measures and practices into place to ensure that we are safeguarding and protecting your data.  Each Chromebook that will access our network and be used at school will need to have a Google Management Console License for education installed to seamlessly work with RUSD’s network security protocols, access your students' online curriculum, and ensure that student privacy, personal information, and data is being kept secure. 

Why a Chromebook and Not Our MacBook or Windows PC?

Rocklin Unified School District uses Google Workspace for students and staff.  Because of this most of the tools our teachers and students use are designed to work with Chromebooks: Secure Browsers, State Testing, Classroom Management, Focused Browsing (blocking the ability to Google answers), and many other tools.  These tools only work via Chromebooks using apps and extensions we push out from our Admin Console.  Many times teachers are required to 'check-out' a Chromebook to a student in the classroom who has brought their own device in order to use many of these tools.  Because we are checking devices out to strudents, classrooms will no longer have full carts of Chromebooks waiting to be checked out to students who do not have a Chromebook.  

This is also the reason we need to have a license on personal Chromebooks during school hours ONLY.

We have worked to create a model that only applies to personally Licensed Chromebooks during school hours.  From 30 minutes before school starts until 30 minutes after school is out, personally licensed Chromebooks will act as any other Chromebook at Rocklin Unified.  This means that students will only be able to log on using their student account during these hours.  As with any Chromebook, our filtering and support tools will only be in effect if they are logged on using ther student account.  Before or after these hours, logging in with a gmail or other account that is not a account will not be filtered or managed - period.
Personal devices WILL NOT be supported for technical issues or ensured their compatability with online instructional content.

This can be accomplished two differnet ways:

  • Check out a District-Managed Device from your student's school
  •            This is the RECOMMENDED option for all students
  • Purchasing a Chromebook for each 7-12 student that can have a Google Management License installed
           Rocklin Unified will need to verify all devices meet the minimum requirements to have the license installed
                      ** An AUE date of June 2026 or later is required for this.  Please ensure your student's device meets this by going to the Google AUE Support page here.

What Does It Mean To Put A Google Management License on a Personal Chromebook?

Rocklin Unified School District takes the safety and security of our network and of your student's data and privacy seriously  We continue our commitment that your students are safe online while ensuring they have seamless access to our online tools and curriculum.  This is why we are moving toward a more secure online environment and requiring all Chromebooks to be enrolled under Rocklin Unified School District's Google Workspace Management console.
Having a personal Chromebook enrolled in our District's Management console has many benefits to families.  It ensures that devices are filtered online and access to inappropriate content is blocked both at school and at home when signed in usi9ng the student account.  When not logged on using their student account, no filtering or other information is gathered or even available to Rocklin Unified.  Over the past two years we have heard from families how they would like to have greater insight and control over their student's device and online behavior, both at school and at home.  
Rocklin Unified has partnered with GoGuardian as our content filter for the district.  GoGuardian not only offers superb content filtering but also provides teachers with tools to manage the online experience in the classroom including seeing and managing open tabs, the history of sites that are visited, and the ability to pause the Internet for all students.  We are also excited to provide parents with the GoGuardian ParentApp*.  This app gives parents direct access to online activity reports and filtering controls at home.  GoGuardian will also notify designated staff about online activity that indicates a risk of suicide or self-harm.
*This is one of the tools parents can not get without the device being enrolled in our Google Workspace Management console.

Below Are Some Useful Links For Families Regarding Google Workspace for Education's Privacy and Data Safety Policies.

  • Information about how Google’s products work to protect privacy is available in our Product Privacy Guide
    and at Note that Google does not use any user personal information (or any information associated with a Google Workspace for Education Account) to target ads for Google Workspace for Education users in primary and secondary (K–12) schools, and any statements about ads on those pages are overridden by this restriction from our Privacy Notice.
  • Parents can visit while signed in to their child’s Google Workspace for Education account to view and manage the personal information and settings of the account.