Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of Rocklin USD, the cornerstone and leader of educational excellence, is to ensure each student becomes a well- rounded individual who thrives intellectually and develops unique strengths to pursue and achieve personal ambitions while contributing to a dynamic world through a school system distinguished by:

  • A culture of innovation, collaboration and high expectations
  • Inspired personal learning and growth
  • Respect and support for all those who serve our students
  • Vital partnerships throughout our community.


We Believe that:
  • Every individual deserves opportunities to achieve his or her unique potential
  • Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Kindness and compassion are critical to positive relationships
  • Physical and emotional safety is imperative to learning
  • People have the freedom to make choices and the responsibility for those choices
  • Conduct and interactions are best guided by truth, honesty and integrity
  • Commitment to personal growth is vital for continuous success 
  • Discovering one’s purpose and passion ignites personal growth
  • Balance is essential to well-being
  • Persistent optimism fosters open-minded attitudes and solutions
  • Quality relies on the ongoing pursuit of excellence
  • Cooperative community efforts create a higher quality of life
  • Success is the only option.


A.  Each student will engage in authentic learning experiences
B.  Each student will demonstrate continuous progress toward increasingly challenging academic goals
C.  Each student will find his or her passion as a learner
D. Each student will acquire skills to conquer challenges and build healthy relationships
E.  Each student will learn the value of contributing to community through active participation


Strategy #1: Create student academic growth through dynamic, relevant and increasingly challenging learning experiences

  • Implement literacy practice within and across content areas as the foundation for teaching and learning based on adopted California State Standards
  • Education experiences will promote learning that is engaging, dynamic, authentic and focused on application based knowledge
  • Appropriate technology tools and resources are integrated to support effective instruction and learning
  • Measure academic growth through the use of a variety of multifaceted assessments

Strategy #2:  Provide a variety of opportunities for all students to become healthy, self-aware, resilient and high-functioning adults

  • Foster healthy relationships and interactions by developing both intra and inter-personal skills
  • Coordinate district wide resources to counsel students on long term planning and goal setting
  • Provide opportunities to explore and pursue college and career readiness
  • Ensure deeply engaging and creatively stimulating learning experiences that lead to successful and fulfilled lives
  • Support, motivate and positively guide struggling students toward long term goals
  • Facilitate school-home communication and involvement to ensure continuity and support toward student growth and development
  • Identify and implement strategies for healthy, appropriate, and responsible cyber ethics that promote positive online identities and interactions
  • Promote a district wide health education curriculum to reinforce the health and well-being of each student and staff member by addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of health

Strategy #3:  Continuously build individual and organizational capacity, and seek additional resources and partnerships to fulfill our mission

  • Develop a centralized support system to lead and create partnerships for professional learning
  • Create and implement a plan for blended professional development
  • Establish a comprehensive, collaborative, and continuous instructional support system for teachers to enhance personal learning and growth
  • Establish a comprehensive, collaborative, and continuous instructional support system for district leaders to enhance personal learning and growth
  • Establish a comprehensive, collaborative, and continuous instructional support system for support staff to enhance personal learning and growth
  • Increase funding through grant writing and establishing partnerships to enhance the learning environment for staff and students

Strategy #4:  Enhance student growth through local partnerships that provide learning opportunities and community service experiences

  • Centralize existing district wide community learning activities
  • Foster healthy relationships and interactions between RUSD and business and community service organizations
  • Provide a structured format that allows ongoing professional development for teachers in the service learning arena
  • Create and establish a formal way to acknowledge students’ completion of the service learning program

Strategy #5:  Have regular, consistent, proactive systems of clear communication that improve organizational efficiency, engage the community and promote our District

  • Ensure systemic, district-wide communication protocols and policies for all audiences, including employees, parents, students and the community
  • Ensure district employees have the necessary information for effective communication with stakeholders
  • Ensure frequent information to, and interaction with, the community and stakeholders
  • Develop an RUSD brand that communicates a consistent message, style and tone
  • Engage key stakeholders – staff, students, parents, businesses and the community – with information that empowers them to communicate effectively about the district



  • We will base decisions on what is best  for students
  • We will act with honesty, truth and integrity 
  • We will treat all people with dignity and respect 
  • We will not compromise our commitment to excellence in education
  • We will improve or eliminate ineffective programs or performance
  • We will not give up on any student

Contact Information

For questions or comments regarding the Strategic Planning process, please contact:
Lilia Arnest