Rocklin Unified School District

Services for Preschoolers

Services for Preschoolerstitle

The District provides special education services to preschool students, between the ages of three and five, who are identified with special needs. The District operates special education programs for preschoolers at Rock Creek Elementary School, Parker Whitney Elementary School, Twin Oaks Elementary School and a program at Sunset Ranch Elementary.

  • SDC Class – Structured Teaching Program
  • SDC Class – Severely Handicapped
  • SDC Class – Mild-Moderate
  • Blended Preschool
  • DIS Preschool Intervention Program (PIP)
  • DIS Speech Services
As part of a collaborative grant with the District, the City of Rocklin operates preschool programs at Rock Creek, Ruhkala, and Sunset Ranch Elementary Schools. Preschoolers who receive special education services have the opportunity to mainstream with non-disabled peers who attend the City of Rocklin preschool program.