Rocklin Unified School District

Rocklin currently has ten TOSAs, each specializing in a content area;

Elementary Language Arts    Kaili Bray
Elementary STEM  Claire Fortenberry
Secondary Language Arts  Amanda Bannister
Secondary STEM  Bill Kimmel
TK-12 Technology

 Craig Haviland

TK-12 Special Education  Jennifer Boettger
Site/MTSS  Ann Feliz
Site/MTSS  Alicia Perkins
Site/ELD  Debbie VanLiew
Site/ELD  Ericka Schallmo

The TOSAs play an important role in supporting our administrators, teachers and instructional support staff through coaching and offering a variety of  professional learning opportunities. Professional learning and coaching are targeted and focused on strengthening instructional strategies that align to California’s rigorous academic standards. The goal of all TOSA work is helping teachers facilitate 21st century learning that allows all students a successful path to college and/or career readiness.

TOSAs work with larger grade level teacher teams in a group setting and/or provide individual and small group support in the classroom. They are an invaluable asset to teaching and learning within Rocklin Unified School District.