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Rocklin Cares

Community helping community
Rocklin Cares is a Community Volunteer portal that matches people in need with people that have energy and all levels of skill. Learn more

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MBK Senior Living
Building the bridge between younger and older generations. Learn more
Social Host Ordinance
City of Rocklin amended Municipal Code of new Social Host Ordinance and it is in effect as of April 24, 2015. The purpose of the new Social Host Ordinance is to hold adult hosts accountable for ensuring minors are not consuming alcohol beverages, marijuana, or other controlled substances.
If you are aware, you are responsible and can be find $1,000 per occurrence:
  • If you host, permit, or allow a gathering where minors consume alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other controlled substances.
  • If you have ownership or control of a premise, or are responsible for organized a gathering where juveniles are drinking or using controlled substances.
  • Even if you are not home but have knowledge of a party with underage drinking, you can be held responsible.
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Kids holding hands: "kidsFirst, putting kids first 2016"
KidsFirst  provides parents and children with the tools they need to thrive through family-centered supports and services. Their mission is to “Empower and Strengthen Children and Families through Education, Advocacy, and Counseling, to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.” Their vision is that all children live in a safe, healthy and nurturing home.

KidsFirst is the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Placer County, operating two Counseling and Family Resource Centers: centrally located & near public transportation in Roseville and Auburn. KidsFirst promotes community health and well-being through prevention, early intervention, education and treatment. Last year, KidsFirst directly served nearly 3,800 children and 3,100 adults through our programs and services. KidsFirst reached an additional 7,500 individuals by participating in over 150 community outreach events. Programs and Services include: Early Childhood Education & Support for New Parents, Support for Post Baby Blues, Support for Fathers, Parent and Child Coaching, Parent and Teen Communications, Professional Therapeutic Counseling & Wellness, including Trauma-Focused therapy. In addition, KidsFirst helps clients with health insurance enrollment, various support groups, information and referral assistance for services not offered in-house.
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As a graduation requirement, students must complete 25 hours of community service work. These hours can be completed for any non-profit organization through clubs, athletic teams, or individually throughout the year. Students completing 150 hours or more community service hours are eligible for distinguished community service awards.
Students need to document their community service hours on this FORM and return it to the counseling office at their school.
Kids First logo           
Helping kids and families in need
KidsFirst mission is to stop child abuse and neglect. KidsFirst vision is that all children will live in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. KidsFirst promotes community health and well-being through prevention, early intervention, and treatment. Learn more

  Coalition for Placer Youth

Protecting your teen from the dangers of alcohol and drugs.
"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!" A.A. Milne.
Founded in 2008, the Coalition for Placer Youth is a grassroots organization that empowers the community to work on reducing substance abuse among youth. More information >> 
 Coalition for Placer Youth Parent Pledge 2.0 Hashtag

Campaign is On!

The Coalition for Placer Youth is dedicated to preventing and reducing youth substance use in Placer County as well as being committed to a healthier community for youth and their families. In past years, CPY has had a tremendous and positive response from our Parent Pledge Campaign to increase parent and community dedication in these efforts.
Research shows that teens identify parents as the number on influence in their lives and kids who learn about drug risks from their parents are 50 percent less likely to use alcohol.  If you think your teen isn’t listening, think again.
Teens will listen if they sense that parents value their input and feelings, and if there is ongoing two-way dialogue. Discuss drugs and alcohol as part of everyday conversations.
Don’t wait to have “The Talk.” Use “teachable moments” from TV shows, radio songs, advertisements, your teen’s friends, or someone under the influence.
The Coalition for Placer Youth is launched a Parent Pledge 2.0 Hashtag Campaign titled,  #IMadeThePledge to utilize the power of social media to support parents, teens and families by spreading positive stories and resources through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. From September 5th – September 30th, we will have a new Hashtag Campaign each week on a theme that supports youth, parents and families. We invite you to follow us on these sites and participate to spread the great choices that teens, parents and families are making in Placer County!  Below are the themes for each September week with the Hashtags to use during these weeks. We are thrilled to highlight the positive activities and coping strategies of teens and families in Placer County and look forward to your posts on the following sites. Please invite your teen to follow us on our new teen led Instagram and Twitter pages that will be launching with this September Campaign:  #IMadeThePledge.
Please make sure you are following us on all of our social media sites below:
Twitter: CPYRocklin (adults)
Twitter: CPYVoices (teens led)

WEEK #1- Sept. 6-11th  #IMadetheBetterChoice

Teens – Add following 3 hashtags to each daily post and share!
(Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)  Share your story with Videos – we need some video interviews to start.
MON – FRIDAY – 5 DAYS OF POSTS WITH A VIDEO FROM A TEEN IN A BRIEF 30 sec.-50 sec. video with their story on a time that they made a better choice to avoid using alcohol, marijuana or other drugs and/or avoiding dangerous situations with substances. And post using the Hashtags above on our new teen led Instagram page.

Parents - Add following 3 hashtags to each daily post and share!
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Post a photo of you and your teen.

WEEK #2 – Sept. 12-18th #ILearnedtheSigns  In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, post your commitment or examples of learning the signs and taking action.

Teens: Add following 3 hashtags to each daily post and share!
#ILearnedtheSigns  and #ITookAction

Parents: Add following 3 hashtags to each daily post and share!

WEEK #3 –Sept. 19-25th  #IDidSomethingNew    

Teens:  Add following 3 hashtags to each daily post and share!

Possible additional hashtag  #OutofMyComfortZone

This week is about highlighting activities that are fun  and challenging each other to try something new, capturing it in a pic or short video clip and post on our sites- not associated with drugs or alcohol of course.

Parents: Add following 3 hashtags to each daily post and share Photos of what your family does for fun! New activities?

WEEK #4 –Sept. 26-30th   #ISupportWellnessby
Teens:  Posts of positive pics and activities that increase wellness.


Parents:  Posts of positive pics and activities that increase wellness.


Thank you for participating in and sharing our new campaign!

Christina and the CPY Leadership Team

Christina Ivazes

Director/Coordinator - Coalition for Placer Youth
Children's System of Care | Substance Abuse Prevention
(530) 886-5409 | (530) 889-6735 fax |
County of Placer

Follow CPY on Twitter and Facebook and visit our webpage for more information:
 Coalition for placer youth, Raising Placer Drug Free


What can you do to help your teen have a fun and safe Senior Ball?

Senior Ball is a special night for many teens. It is a chance to dress up, go out on a date, and a night to remember with friends. Senior Ball is also a night when teens experience an increased pressure to drink and get high.
Senior Ball can still be magical without getting drunk or high. Talk with them about making positive choices on Senior Ball night. Discuss Senior Ball plans while encouraging a fun, memorable, and sober evening.
Visit for information about the latest marijuana trends.
Community Resources
That Can Help You Throughout The Year!
Temporary housing, food closets & programs, legal services, chaplaincy, employment agencies, children & family assistance, medical clinics, senior assistance, emergency numbers, utility assistance program, auto repair service referral.

An online community for those in child welfare and a national scalable channel where iFoster members and business connect.

iFoster searches, negotiates, conducts due diligence and brings in resources that meet the community's biggest needs. iFoster works with private, public and government organizations to find the best resources to help close the economic gap and turn surviving into thriving.